Kitchen Waste / Kitchen Garbage DIY to organic fertilizer

Kitchen Waste / Kitchen Garbage DIY to organic fertilizer
Let’s start our 1st DIY Kitchen Waste @ Kitchen Garbage, kitchen waste can be many things like peelings, bones, cooked food and old rice. For newbie we suggest start from vegetable and fruit waste, via apply bokashi and easy turn it to organic fertilizer.

We need Bokashi ^^

Inside container is Bokashi and bottle is EMAS, but this time we use only Bokashi.

Put in one layer of Bokashi as base and then add in kitchen waste.

Just simple, add in another layer of Bokashi, repeat step if you have another kitchen waste.

Last layer cover with Bokashi.

This container can be DIY, I put a pipe is because i want to get kitchen waste’s liquid(fertilizer too). After two week you can release the liquid and diluted with water as ration 1:100 and apply it to your flower, vegetable, and soil.

Close container with tight to keep out the oxygen, anaerobic composting is always without air. After two week look like this.

Before I bury the fermented kitchen garbage in the soil, i release the liquid fertilizer.

The upper layer of fermented layer is 2 weeks before, lower layer 4 weeks. Is ok, just pour the fermented kitchen waste into a hole where you will plant. Mix with soil and cover for 2 weeks of decomposition then plant on top.

Is easy to turn Kitchen Garbage to organic fertilizer~

Plant with fermented organic fertilizer ^^

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